For The Time Being
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“…alone, reviewing my words or deeds soberly, the sense of being cut off always took possession of me. ‘They don’t know me,’ I would say to myself. And by this I meant that they knew me neither for myself nor for what I might become. They were impressed by the mask. I didn’t call it that, but that is how I thought of my ability to impress others. It was not me doing it, but a persona which I knew how to put on. It was something, indeed, which anyone with a little intelligence and a flair for acting could learn to do. Monkey tricks, in other words. Yet, though I regarded these performances in this light, I myself at times would wonder if perhaps it was not me, after all, who was behind these antics.” (Nexus, H.M.)

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A beautiful little adolescent pepper from my garden that we are sacrificing for tonight’s stew! 😁😍🍲🍴@steerz
Beautiful day at the studio!! #flowers  (at Studio BDuFlon)
Meow mix ad from 1975 lol #meow #meowmix #cats
Roulette peppers (padrones) 🔥🙊😭😁 (at MAS Tapas)
Collage progress (not finished yet! #paper #paint  #color #multimedia #art #abstract #brielleduflon  (at Studio BDuFlon)
Bricks of many colors! #brick
Kreyzee Fading leg effects for a 1977 stockings ad in a Better Homes and Gardens from the Mentioned year.. 😦👀🌀
In the process of trying to pull a good print of this new #linoleum abstract! Yeah #printmaking! #linoleumcut #monochromatic #abstract #art  (at Studio BDuFlon)
Literally the creepiest ad ever in a 1975 Better Home and Gardens. Omg.