Did some printing of the little pondering man with Colin this morning in the studio! First time printing in so long - Colin’s first time in general! Even the sound of the ink getting rolled by the roller was so satisfying, what a nerd! Lol (at Studio BDuFlon)
Tiniest ripe #grapes I’ve ever seen (and eaten, sorry y’all)!! akashghdak!!!! Squeeze ‘em!
Best Morton Salt ad ever in a 1977 Better Homes and Gardens!! 🍙🍉😋
Best Morton Salt as ever in a 1977 Better Homes and Gardens!! 🍙🍉😋
@macdemarco from a sept.1977 Better Homes and Gardens ha
Almost ready to print again for the first time in over 4 years!!! Eeep!!! 😁😁😜😝😃 (at McGuffey Art Center)
Here’s the new studio space guys!   From the blue line on the floor to the wall!! I LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to make things.  (at McGuffey Art Center)
Working on a multimedia piece - this is a detail! #Paint and #paper #abstract #art  (at Studio BDuFlon)
Pretty leaf #flora #green #purple
Then I realized I hadn’t secured the boat.
Then I realized my friend had lied to me.
Then I realized my dog was gone
no matter how much I called in the rain.
All was change.
Then I realized I was surrounded by aliens
disguised as orthodontists having a convention
at the hotel breakfast bar.
Then I could see into the life of things,
that systems seek only to reproduce
the conditions of their own reproduction.
If I had to pick between shadows
and essences, I’d pick shadows.
They’re better dancers.
They always sing their telegrams.
Their old gods do not die.
Then I realized the very futility was salvation
in this greeny entanglement of  breaths.
Yeah, as if.
Then I realized even when you catch the mechanism,
the trick still works.
Then I came to in Texas
and realized rockabilly would never go away.
Then I realized I’d been drugged.
We were all chasing nothing
which left no choice but to intensify the chase.
I came to handcuffed and gagged.
I came to intubated and packed in some kind of foam.
This too is how ash moves through water.
And all this time the side doors unlocked.
Then I realized repetition could be an ending.
Then I realized repetition could be an ending. "Romanticism 101" - Dean Young (poetryfoundation.org)
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