This is wha today felt like. #flowers #hibiscus
The James River from the Scottsville bridge #landscape #river #virginia
Tasting beers at James River Brewing in Scottsville yesterday!! So magical!  The beer garden was cute as can be! 🐍🌿🍻🍃🌱🌞 (at James River Brewing)
Doggies in the window, as seen in Richmond (good color scheme all around) #dogs


You might make something true, honest, real or raw but that doesn’t make it unusual or interesting.

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Someday Tequila


Just now on my walk home from work I held my hands up in the light of a street lamp. They did not look like my hands. My nails are the longest and strongest that they’ve ever been, feminine where they have always been knobbly and old.

I passed a large window and looked inside and saw an old…

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