John Register (1939-1996) was an American artist, best known for painting melancholic interiors - rooms containing furniture but without human presence. 
When compared with artist Edward Hopper, Register said:
“With Hopper you witness someone else’s isolation; in my pictures, I think you, the viewer, become the isolated one.”
Found via SOCKS.
My buddy Ryan is the coolest - he drew this on the back of a package he sent that I just received today!! Eew I love it!! #art  #beautifulmail
From a recent walk home from work, creepily looking in the windows of shut down storefronts and sneaking pics… #light #shadow #bird
Light #switch #interior #offwhite
Remember when I was working on all the vines a while back? Look at these plump and beautiful clusters!! It’s a really good year! Feeling a lil proud for sure 😌 😍
Beautiful bathrooms of Charlottesville #interior #design #light  (at La Taza)
Psyched to print this #linoleum cut I just finished of my gnarly awkward #feet Hee Hee #linocut #art #carving #printmaking  (at Studio BDuFlon)
Hey big little bug-eyed guy #cicada #bugs #insects #Virginia
Just exchanged pieces with the beautiful and extremely talented @ksfinn!! So excited to get this on my wall ASAP and cherish it for the rest of my life. What a serene and beautiful photo full of my favorite greens.  (at Milli Joe Coffee & Gelato)