#tbt to hanging out with Dan Deacon at the southern after the show that one time like four years ago
Just finished printing this carving of my beautiful friend Kelly titled “Sweet Kelly”. These prints are printed by hand with archival acrylic ink on archival paper. They are for sale for 50$ each, numbered and signed. I am printing them to order! Email me if interested! brielle.duflon@gmail.com (at Studio BDuFlon)
Three Siblings Shucking Corn on the Balcony


The first time we shucked corn it was very quiet.

The corn was from the farmer’s market, organic and pale yellow as it should be, slender. Three siblings, two ears each, shucking one leaf at a time, peeling them back with simple satisfaction, slowly revealing the silks delicately attached to each…

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I have a pretty great landlord who gives his tenants #tomatoes from his garden ‘cause he can’t eat em all. 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
The Prince of Wands


I pulled the prince of wands this morning with thoughts of you - worried about you finding your way, a way no one else can find. I imagined a black river of scattered, incomplete and sometimes circular thoughts. I had never pulled a tarot card before.

The indications read: “you have all you…

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Morning everyone! 😚😁🙈🙆

Some random kids at the Stokesville Campground showed Colin a good time yesterday after I apparently wasn’t spinning him fast enough lol @steerz (at stokesville campground )

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Sometimes, bein’ a girly guel is rly fun 💋👗🎀👠💅
#tbt just being a band of hippies in front of Alderman Library, last semester of college. This was such a good day. ❤️❤️❤️we were really something lol
Sometimes the plants in #charlottesville get a little wild 🌿#overgrown #virginia