Just exchanged pieces with the beautiful and extremely talented @ksfinn!! So excited to get this on my wall ASAP and cherish it for the rest of my life. What a serene and beautiful photo full of my favorite greens.  (at Milli Joe Coffee & Gelato)
Delicate #shadow from last night.
Three #linoleum block #portraits to carve and print of dear family and friends!! So excited though it’s gonna be a lot of work! #art #drawing #brielleduflon
The Paths are Narrow out West


The familiarity is heavy but opens my chest, the scattered purple flowers and stunted shrubs and trees, the Naples yellow of the dried grass that refuses to change when irrigated, the perpetual dehydration that takes its toll on organisms, soil and color palette.

The land buckles here like used…

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My Youngest Brother, Under the Willow Tree


Just last week

at the age of almost sixteen

my brother borrowed a bicycle

from his younger and shorter cousin

and took it to the slender street behind

their house, teetering,

perfectly positioning the pedal

and advancing shakily half a foot forward

my youngest brother

told us to stop…

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#tbt to a week ago when my dad was teaching metal children to read ☺️