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“…alone, reviewing my words or deeds soberly, the sense of being cut off always took possession of me. ‘They don’t know me,’ I would say to myself. And by this I meant that they knew me neither for myself nor for what I might become. They were impressed by the mask. I didn’t call it that, but that is how I thought of my ability to impress others. It was not me doing it, but a persona which I knew how to put on. It was something, indeed, which anyone with a little intelligence and a flair for acting could learn to do. Monkey tricks, in other words. Yet, though I regarded these performances in this light, I myself at times would wonder if perhaps it was not me, after all, who was behind these antics.” (Nexus, H.M.)

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I wanted to share a crazy little story with you all: 

     A few days ago, I put a 20$ bill in my back pocket and it fell out at some point during my evening at work and was nowhere to be found when I was getting ready to go home. Upon expressing my frustration to Colin about having lost this 20$ bill he said “don’t worry, it’ll come around, you’ll get it back someday.” 
     This morning, on my walk downtown, I found a woman’s wallet on Monticello Ave. with all the cash and cards still in it, a driver’s license and many other things of great importance. I could have left it there but I risked letting it get stolen so instead I tried to find the woman on facebook. When that didn’t work, I decided I’d go by the address on her license on my way home (not too far from my house) and drop it off, hoping she’d be home. 
     Just a little while ago, I went by the address and knocked and she came to the door practically running. She was so happy to see the wallet (and everything that was still intact in it) that she started to cry a little and asked if she could give me 20$ in thanks. I said no but she pressed it into my hand anyway and insisted that I had saved her a lot of trouble and she would be happy if I had it. She asked if she could give me a hug and I said “of course!” and went on my way. She had filed a police report and everything! 
     On my walk home I thought about how nice it was to have returned it to her, of the expression on her face and of her relief. Then I realized I had just gotten my 20$ back and had to laugh. 

Things really do come around.


Ekaterina Koroleva ON TUMBLR

me likey this

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I’d been a little skeptical for some stupid reason but this girl is incredible. I’m on the train. I give in.

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Re-Vamped Website!

Supportive friends! I re-vamped my art website! Tell me what you think!

I cleaned it up a little - did some image sizing, coloring and nice elegant little captions under the pieces, etc. It’s organized in a more relevant way and I omitted some of the works for relevance’s sake. The “Letter Project” also has it’s very own page with all of the questions and everything, now, too. 

You will also see that the abstract paintings have prices on them, and if you would like to purchase one please e-mail/message me! Most of them are for sale. A few of the surrealist pieces are still for sale too! 

 I have two new pages coming up soon - “Tapestries” and “People” - all new work from the last 8 months that I haven’t signed and photographed. Will let you know when those are up! I’ll get them up ASAP. 

Thanks all!