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“…alone, reviewing my words or deeds soberly, the sense of being cut off always took possession of me. ‘They don’t know me,’ I would say to myself. And by this I meant that they knew me neither for myself nor for what I might become. They were impressed by the mask. I didn’t call it that, but that is how I thought of my ability to impress others. It was not me doing it, but a persona which I knew how to put on. It was something, indeed, which anyone with a little intelligence and a flair for acting could learn to do. Monkey tricks, in other words. Yet, though I regarded these performances in this light, I myself at times would wonder if perhaps it was not me, after all, who was behind these antics.” (Nexus, H.M.)

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You Still Believe in Me - Beach Boys

Ahhhhh THIS SONG. I’m obsessed with this entire album right now. Which is nothing new but it’s different this time. This little guy is so eerie in it’s way…. I might have a few beach boys days in a row coming up here. 

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    I know perfectly well I’m not where I should be I’ve been very aware You’ve been patient with me Every time we break up...
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    you still believe in me - the beach boys
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    The vocal harmonies, the lyrics - perfect.
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